Try on exquisite bridal gowns in the comfort of your own home!

Choose the sample gowns you’d like to try on, and we’ll arrange the fitting in your own home! Your chosen samples will be sent to your home so you can feel the luxurious quality and see the style for yourself. And if you choose to order a dress, we’ll cover the costs of shipping the samples to your home and returning them to us.

A luxurious bridal experience: minimum hassle, maximum enjoyment.


It's Paris Darling - FITTING AT HOME - STEP 1

1. Choose the styles and order your samples.

Your personal stylist will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your size and the date you’d like to do the fitting. Have a specific date in mind? Not a problem; we’d be happy to help you schedule a fitting that works for you and your friends, so you can invite your bridesmaids and besties over and have a fabulous dress-fitting party!

It's Paris Darling - FITTING AT HOME - STEP 2

2. Try on the bridal gowns.

Sample gowns in your size will be shipped to the address you specified. They’ll arrive in an amazing package that enhances the elegant experience. And the party is just getting started! Invite your friends and make a day of it. We’ll be available to advise you by Skype, phone or e-mail.
Remember: All samples should be treated with care. Keep them clean, don’t take them outdoors, and return them exactly the way you received them.

It's Paris Darling - FITTING AT HOME - STEP 3

3. Ship back all the samples.

Once you’ve fitted the bridal gowns, please re-package the samples according to the instructions, attach the pre-paid return label, and send them back to us.

All return samples should be returned within 3 days after delivery. Need more time? If you let us know, we’d be happy to extend the return date – but if we haven’t heard from you within 7 days of delivery, we’ll assume you’ve decided to keep the samples and will charge you full price for all of them.

Shipping is free if you opt to buy a gown. However, a fee of 10 euros will be charged within Germany if you opt not to order one of our dresses.

step 4

4. Finalize your order.

Made your choice? Now you can adapt your chosen gown to your own preferences in terms of hemline, layering, and sleeve length. Please note: Once you order your chosen style, it takes 8-10 weeks to produce your finished bridal gown.

We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible bridal experience for all our customers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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